Internet giant Google is giving us a glimpse of the future, through our own eyes.  Project Glass offers an augmented reality experience through a lightweight headset.  Even though Project Glass is still in it's testing stages, some lucky enthusiasts will get the opportunity to test out these future-tech glasses for the low price of $1500, if accepted.

The video explains the capabilities of the Google Glasses far better than I could describe in a paragraph.  These do seem cool, and I would love the chance to play around with them.  However, I have yet to grasp the practicality of everyday use for them.  I do not wear glasses, so I am already slightly uncomfortable wearing something like that on my face.  I occasionally wear sun glasses, but those lenses cover the entire eye area.  The small "magic glass"  piece that controls and displays the activity seems like it would be distracting to me.  Having never worn them, this is all speculation.  The technology is definitely impressive though.  I would have a hard time shelling out $1500 for such a product, but would love to try the experience.  If you are interested in applying for your own experience click below for info on how to make that a reality.  Definitely check out the video as well, because it says way more about the product than I ever could.