I need to say that it doesn't normally work this way, but a guy asked a bear to get down from his bird feeder and the bear listened.

To be fair, the bear's first response seemed to be "yeah, right...I do what I want because I'm a bear".

The responses on Twitter have been completely hilarious. One person admired that Scott talked to the bear like a dog. Another recommended that he add cayenne pepper to the bird feed since birds can't taste it and it discourages other mammals like bears. Does that really work?

One person (probably jokingly) recommended that Scott add a bear feeder. That was immediately shouted down as a very bad idea.

Again, it doesn't normally work this way with bears.

According to a later update, it appears that Scott decided it was best for everyone (people and bears) to take the feeder down. Gotta appreciate that this guy did more than just share a fun bear video, but also did the right thing to try and convince the bears to not seek out food from among him or his neighbors.

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