As we gear up for Halloween this weekend, here's another one of Wyoming's most haunted places, the Wonder Bar in Casper.

This historic watering hole dates back to 1934 and claims to have served a variety of famous guests including John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway. Before it 'officially' became a bar, the building was home to a pool hall in the early 1900's. It gained fame in the 1940's for allowing cowboys to ride up to the bar and buy beer for their horses.

It's also reputed to be, arguably, the most haunted bar in Wyoming. Employees have reported hearing footsteps follow them in the basement along with lights turning off by themselves.

Others have heard what they believe were ghosts bellying up to a stool at the empty bar after hours. Some have even reported hearing the voices of children playing and laughing upstairs.

Guests and employees at The Wonder Bar have also experienced several ghost sightings over the years, including the image of a cowboy accompanied by a woman in a white dress.

One of the most popular Wonder Bar legends involves a cleaning lady and her cat. According to the story, the cleaning lady brought her cat to the bar one night, where they both witnessed a ghost walking down the stairs. Word is, the cat was so terrified that it's fur was standing on end.