The internet tends to go crazy over the weirdest things.

Remember the Blue and Black (or was it White and Gold) dress controversy?

I'm not criticizing anyone for getting involved, because I 100% admit to getting caught up in them.

The latest craze is #thewristfrecklechallenge and even Time magazine got in on this one.

It seems that a crazy amount of women have a freckle on their wrist or upper arm and there are thousands of pictures to prove it.

We asked you on Saturday if you have a wrist freckle and the overwhelming answer was YES!

According to health experts, the cause of this phenomena is pretty unexciting. Freckles are caused by the sun and wrist and arms are often exposed to UV rays. Think about when you drive in your car. Even with a long sleeve shirt on, your wrists will still be exposed.

Prompted by one reader's comment asking if the freckle meant you were a witch, I did a little deeper digging about the meaning of freckles.

I did find the phrase "Witch's Mark" and after reading several articles, I found one that had the best explanation.

A witch’s mark can be an irregular mark on the body that indicates that a person could be a witch. However, as there are very few human beings who don’t have some type of birthmark, freckle, wart, mole, scar, age spot, or other natural blemish upon their skin, it would mean the whole global population are witches.

In short, if you have a freckle on your arm there is no need to worry that you will soon be burned at the stake....unless you live in the middle ages...then you need to worry. claims that moles or freckles in specific places on your body have a variety of meanings. If you have a freckle on your arm "the person is courteous and good mannered. He will face any situation with resolution and fortitude.

A person with a mole on either wrist is usually creative and innovative.

I can think of worse things than being courteous and creative!

Whatever you believe, it is kind of fun to see that the world over, a small commonality like a freckle on your arm can bring us all together!

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