Many Capsperites have been to the Garden Creek Waterfall at Rotary Park on Casper Mountain.

But, many have not had the time to hike the Bridle Trail.

This means many of you may not know that there is a mountaintop fairy garden halfway up the trail.

It's impossible to miss, and absolutely charming.

Whenever I've hiked the trail with my children we've spent at least 10 minutes looking at all the unique statues, flowers, and hilarious little scenes that a local family has created around their private cabin.

Casper's Mountaintop Fairy Garden

After looking at those pictures I'm sure you can understand why this fairy garden is our favorite place to stop and rest while hiking as a family.

My favorite is the cute little scenes laid out in front of the large fairy doors on the trees.

My kids like to look at the larger scenes and spot the hidden figures like a tiny spider, or a tiny ceramic snake sunning itself on a rock.

Every single time we stop to admire this fun little spot on the trail we see something new and are smiling and chatting away about it as we continue up the trail.

These constant changes are created by the owner of the nearby cabin who is always adding to the garden and inventing new fun little scenes for locals to spot.

I wish I knew who it was so I could thank them for this special area on the Bridle Trail, it truly is a gift to all the locals who hike it.

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