The Wind River Reservation in Central Wyoming is America's 7th largest reservation with nearly 27,000 people from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes living there.

The reservation is full of history that dates back to well before Wyoming was an official State. A noteworthy historic location is the burial site of one of the first famous women in America, Lewis and Clark guide Sacajawea. The gravesite is located in the Sacajawea Cemetery in Fort Washakie, Wyoming which is just 3 miles from another historic memorial site called 'The Path Of Honor'.

Newly dedicated in August of 2021, the memorial honors the veterans from the Wind River Reservation that have served in the US military. Located at the Frank B. Wise Business Center, the memorial is a collection of stones to represent four eras of service. According to the Path Of Honor website:

A red path, a Native American symbol of courage and commitment to living a purposeful life, winds through the stones.

According to site project leader Scott Ratliff after walking through the memorial, when you look back you'll see the shape of a Buffalo:

“The buffalo has been a symbol that has stood for strength and courage, We see it as sort of the same symbol as a warrior. A warrior protects and provides, and so does the buffalo.”

November 11th is Veterans day and leading up to the date, PBS Wyoming released an educational video highlighting the memorial, what it took to make the site happen and the effect it's having on the veterans of the reservation. Take a look.

The Wind River Reservation is full of scenic views, Native American culture, the states only casinos, winter sports, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking and a chance to learn about the history, life and times of the residents of The Wind River Reservation.

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