If you plan on stocking the freezer this fall or mounting the next trophy, get your hunting license application in by midnight tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31. The deadline includes resident elk, deer, antelope, Springer pheasant, beaver, crane, and fall turkey. To apply, modify, or buy a license, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish application website by clicking here.

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Wyoming Game and Fish Department Adjustments to Hunting Proposals

Wyoming Game and Fish Department has significantly adjusted hunting proposals due to winter impacts this year. Frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall devastate wildlife populations across the state.

An emergency rule was initiated; according to the Game and Fish Statement of Reason, “severe winter weather conditions caused record-breaking snow depths and prolonged below-freezing temperatures throughout Wyoming this year. Antelope hunt areas in the Pinedale and Baggs regions experienced some of the highest winter mortality this year due to winter severity and a pneumonia outbreak in Sublette County. As a result, increased tag cuts for antelope were applied to Carbon, Lincoln, Sublette, and Teton counties. 

Radio collar data in the Pinedale region indicated that 75% of the collared adult doe population had died, compared to the initial 60% suggested by data from April. 

For more information on hunting regulations in Wyoming, click here.

Wyoming Free Fishing Day Arrives for 2023

Additionally, Wyoming Free Fishing Day is this Saturday, June 3, when anyone can fish in Wyoming without a license for free (except on the Wind River Reservation and in Yellowstone National Park). For further details on Wyoming Free Fishing Day, click here.

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