Dolly Parton was recently declared one of USA Today's women of the century, and we couldn't agree more with this decision.

I could literally go on for hours about why I adore Dolly, and how her music and her personal history has impacted me over the years.

It’s hard to put into words why I adore her so much but, I think it all started when I saw her in the movie 9 to 5 as a kid. I fell in love with this woman that was beautiful AND strong, kind AND firm, and let’s face it a fabulous sense of humor AND oh that voice!

It was the first time I realized that I didn’t have to pick just ONE thing to be…

Several years ago I was able to participate in a phone interview with Dolly (it was actually my third interview with her) and was actually chosen to ask her a question.

Hearing her answer my "Hello from Wyoming" with "Wyoming, I love Wyoming!" in her sweet Southern Drawl continues to be one of the highlights of my career.

And YES Dolly is just as funny, kind, and witty in real life as you would imagine.

While there are dozens of "Dollyisms" that inspire me personally, I decided to pick just a few of my favorites to share with you.

Our Favorite Dollyisms

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