Many people dream of being in the movies or on tv, and others dream of just living in the homes they see in the movies or on tv.

From a young age, tv and movies inspire kids to want to live in awesome houses. When I was a kid, everyone thought it would be great to live in Pee Wee's Playhouse. Barbie has inspired young kids for decades to want to grow up and live in the Barbie dream house. Richie Rich set the standard for showing kids how cool it would be to live in a huge mansion.

As we grow older, our thoughts and desires change for what we think would be the perfect house to live in would be. What doesn't change is, the fact that the fantasy land of tv and movies still in inspire us in choosing where it would be cool to live.

I always wanted to live in the Jeramiah Johnson cabin, it's not flashy or overly big, but the atmosphere is exactly what I've always wanted. Mountains, quiet and incredible views.

Some have the taste of a beach house like Charlie Harper's in 'Two and a Half Men' or classy, flashy, but not too far fetched home of Tony Soprano on 'The Soprano's'.

In Wyoming the tastes in Hollywood home's aren't too far off what you'd think Wyomingites would choose. When we asked which tv or movie houses they'd love to have, you probably won't be too surprised on the choices.

30 TV Or Movie Houses Wyomingites Would Love To Have

We've all fallen in love with a house from a tv show or movie, here are the favorites of Wyomingites.

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