Let's face it. Mondays can be dogs and that's especially true during the holidays. If that's your situation, I have found a time-lapse video taken near Powell, Wyoming to mellow you out.

I love this one for a lot of reasons. First of all, the music is so...relaxing. More importantly than that is the fact that the area near Powell is one of the more underrated parts of Wyoming. The Tetons get a lot of attention for good reason, but it's areas like Powell where the true Wyoming folks can really enjoy that natural part of our state. Only about 6,000 Wyomingites call this town home and that's a good thing.

I also appreciated this time-lapse doesn't just show one mountain. Sure, Heart Mountain is featured prominently at the beginning, but they also include a view from the top of Polecat Bench. Good call on that one.

Some folks enjoy perusing the internet so they can learn things. Good for them. But, for me I enjoy videos like this to help me mellow out and get some perspective. Nothing better in my book than one of the less trampled on areas of Wyoming as a subject matter.

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