It's been almost a month since Casper and much of Wyoming and Colorado were buried underneath a historic blizzard. A new time-lapse video shows how it happened from start to finish.

It's no secret that the winter storm that tore through the west in March was a record-setter. It was so dire that even the meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Cheyenne were stranded for 5 days. The storm did have its lighter moments with one video of a guy snowboarding through the streets of Cheyenne plus many moments where neighbors helped neighbors.

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It all added up to the single greatest one day accumulation of snow since they started keeping records nearly 80 years ago. But, we really haven't seen what it was like from beginning till end until now. This time-lapse was just shared to Rumble documenting the storm as it hit Casper from the beginning.

From mainly clear streets to a red vehicle that is almost completely covered gives you an idea of how fast this storm took over our lives that day.

Casper's Pictures From The Record Setting March 2021 Blizzard

Take a look at pictures sent in by our My Country 95.5 Listeners showing how the recording setting blizzard of March 2021 impacted them.

Labor Day Snowstorm Casper WY, 2020

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