Don't blink or you'll miss it. A new video shows what it's like to drive 100 miles of I-80 in only 37 seconds. If only it went by this fast in the real world.

It's pretty obvious that this video was first shared to TikTok. I found it making its way around Rumble. It's a super duper fast time-lapse video of what it's like to travel between mile markers 100 and 200 on I-80.

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You might want to sit down and/or put on a seat belt before watching this. It goes by FAST.

I looked up Alex the Trucker on TikTok and noticed something. Check out how Alex describes himself. I've bolded a key phrase:

33, Christian, Texan, Trucker, Veteran, Coffee lover.

Now it all makes sense. Alex's video is what I feel like for the first hour after I've had java. Next time I have to drive I-80, I'm gonna make sure I have at least 3 Monster Java's to see if this is how the road appears to me.

It's worth a shot.

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