If you feel the need to see a Wyoming moose closeup today, I can take care of that for you. In fact, this is the most zoomed in video of a moose I think I've ever seen.

There's only one reason that I'm sharing this that I will explain in a moment. First, behold this very sweet closeup video of a moose and his cow near Jackson.

I have reached the point where I refuse to share photos or videos of our wildlife taken from up close. It's not safe and encouraging losers to get in the face of our wildlife is not something I plan to do anymore. But, this YouTube channel is all about zoom lenses (hence the name Lens Bound). They also added this disclaimer:

A bull and a cow that I was able to observe in Jackson, Wyoming. Remember, even though these animals look calm and docile - even friendly - they are wild and can be extremely dangerous if startled or if they feel threatened. Always observe wild animals from a safe distance or in a secure location.

I could not agree more. Thank you for that. If only all our Wyoming visitors would follow those guidelines, we'd be in a much happier place. If the person with this camera had actually been this close to a moose with a cow nearby, he/she would likely have been charged and/or terminated.

This person utilized an epic zoom lens to give us an awesome intimate look at a Wyoming moose just chilling in the snow.

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