Two days ago Doc shared this feel-good video of a Colorado man rescuing a baby moose from a barbed wire fence.

Just to prove (yet again) we have the BEST listeners ever, our Facebook post was filled with thank you comments to the gentleman. And one other comment from Cheryl.

"I love that he did this, if he had intervened on an animal in Yellowstone we would all be belittling him."

I'm sure that her comment was a reference to this incident from two years ago where a father and son picked up a baby bison and put it in their car. As a result of their interference, the bison was euthanized.

Which caused us to wonder...what would happen?

What should you do if you come across an animal tangled in a barbed wire fence in Yellowstone?

According to this list of regulations from it is prohibited in Yellowstone to

  • Willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including nesting birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal.
  • Removing or possessing natural or cultural resources (such as wildflowers, antlers, rocks, and arrowheads).

But, what if it is a baby moose is stuck in a barbed wire fence?!

I simply couldn't leave it alone and called up the friendly folks at Yellowstone to ask them what someone should do if they come across this situation.

According to the Yellowstone Park Spokesperson I talked to, this is what you should do if you come across a baby moose in a barbed wire fence (or any animal in visible distress at the park).

  2. Immediately contact a park ranger or staff member and explain the situation with as much detail (location and time) as possible.
  3. Allow the park staff to do their jobs.

The Spokesperson said that in the specific case of an animal entangled in a barbed wire fence, they would rescue the animal. The animal would be rescued (rather than be left to its fate per usual park policy) because the injury/distress was caused by a man-made object, not an act of nature.

So now we know exactly what to do when you find a wounded animal in Yellowstone.

Make sure you spread the word!

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