I hate to be THAT guy, but apparently someone needs to be. I am seeing a trend on social media that frankly bothers me much more than it should.

In my news feed and in various Casper Facebook groups, I am seeing the term 'garage sell' being used fairly frequently. I thought it was widely understood that 'garage sale' was how it was said.

The first time I came across it, I thought it was merely a typo. No big deal. But after seeing it multiple times, in multiple places, by multiple people, there is no way this is just a typo. "Where are all the garage sells this weekend?" "Hey, come to my garage sell tomorrow!" "Huge garage sell happening this weekend!"

It is 'garage sale'.

I'm sure many of you are thinking "who the hell is this guy, and what gives him the right to correct my grammar and/or spelling?" And you are right. Nobody likes a 'Grammar Nazi'. Not trying to be a jerk by pointing this out, but I'll bet you $20 you remember this the next time you have a garage sale.  #justtryingtohelp

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