We all have our specialties in life. You know the one thing we truly thrive at and if you look for the definition of being perfect at that particular thing in the dictionary, boom, there's a picture of you.

You may be an expert builder, you could have perfect handwriting, maybe you're a master angler, your woodworking my be exquisite, OR you are an expert at having garage sales.

I'm telling you, that is a thing. I've had long conversations with my Grandmother about how an estate auction will make the most money, get rid of the most items and trick people into buying things they don't want/need. She's also been a big critic of how someone set's up their yard/garage sale. I'm pretty sure she'd call it her passion.

The Casper Area Garage/ Yard Sale Facebook group is where you can find out where, when and what items for upcoming sales. That's also where you'll find the Garage Sale expert, Adina Howard. You may consider her an actual Garage Sale guru or Garage Sale Excellence Consultant because of the information and experience she's gained in the garage sale world.

Drew Kirby/ Canva
Drew Kirby/ Canva

Adina, describes herself as a semi-professional garage seller. Being a semi-pro ANYTHING, is quite a responsibility. When you're a semi-pro garage seller, you're guaranteed to gain knowledge about a topic ,that most see as a 'Saturday morning "pass the time" activity', and being able to share that knowledge is priceless.

These are certainly great tips and if you use them, you're going to a more successful sale.

Have fun and enjoy the Yard/Garage/Rummage Sale season here in Wyoming.

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