I have a swell idea. HGTV is looking for a town to give a complete makeover to. Let's nominate Douglas.

I've watched quite a few episodes of HGTV's show "Home Town". Simplemost just shared a story that they are expanding that show into a new one called "Home Town Takeover". The concept is Ben and Erin of "Home Town" fame will give one US town a complete makeover. According to the official website, here are some specific requirements that a town need to have before they will be considered.

  • Population of 40,000 or less
  • Town must have a main street with some historic buildings
  • Has to have a Main Street area

The population limitation rules out Casper. As much as I'd like to see my friends in Bar Nunn shown some love, not really a main street there. But, what about Douglas? If your Wyoming town meets the criteria, feel free to correct me and submit your own.

HGTV has shared an official submission page. You'll get bonus points if you submit pics and/or a video. No matter if it's Douglas, Glenrock or another of our sub-40,000 population Wyoming abodes, I'd love to see a town from the Cowboy State be a HGTV project. Let's make this happen.

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