Blake Shelton's song "I'll Name the Dogs" always brings to mind how my husband and I have named our five children.

We wait to name our children until after they're born and my husband names the boys and I name the girls. Now let me pause for a second here, and add that the names are chosen from a pre-approved list of three first and middles names that we have agreed on after months of arguing and cajoling.

Naming children has proven to be a true test of our ability to compromise within our marriage.

Can you believe my husband didn't understand why I refused to add Remington to the approved list for our daughter?


I'd love to know how YOU pick the names for your children.

Do you wait until your children are born, or do you know their name as soon as you get that positive pregnancy test?

Do you let family members weigh in on the final pick, or is it just between you and your partner?

Do you have the name picked months ahead of time, but keep it a secret?

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