Being a female in Wyoming offers special challenges...challenges I never knew I would need to face when I first moved out here to attend the University of Wyoming.

Namely, dressing for windy Wyoming Winter weather!

The Wyoming wind makes dressing how we want particularly tricky for Wyoming women.

For example, there have been many times where I check the weather report before I plan my hairstyle.

If there will be winds over 20mph it is absolutely NOT worth it to curl or straighten my hair. It will assuredly be a flat tangled not so hot mess within 30 seconds of leaving my car. More often than not, a full messy bun is the hairstyle of choice on those days. Or you can wear one of those bucking horse beenies we put in Doc's time capsule!

Above the knee dresses and skirts are always a risky choice. All it takes is one gust of wind that unexpectedly catches you with one arm full of a diaper bag and car seat and the other holding a squirming toddler to teach you that lesson. This may be a traumatic story from my past...

If you're feeling brave and decide to go for it anyway, I recommend always keeping one hand free so you can quickly hold your skirt down, or wear thick tights or leggings.

Longer dresses and skirts are more manageable, though a steady Wyoming breeze can cause you to become tangled and trapped. I know some of you are nodding and having flashbacks to stumbling voyages across the parking lot.

I guess there's a reason why jeans are always an acceptable fashion choice here in Wyoming.


They're the only clothing item that keeps you covered and warm even on the windiest of Wyoming winter days. And you can always make them office appropriate with a cute pair of heels ;)

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