Authorities in northern Wyoming announced that a hunter died after being accidentally shot.

According to the Washakie County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened Wednesday, October 6.

A news release on social media states that sheriff's deputies along with Worland and Ten Sleep EMS were called to the area of Smilo/Sand Draw Road for a report that a man had been accidentally shot with a hunting rifle.

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Ambulances could not respond to the scene due to road conditions and EMS crews were taken to the scene by private vehicles and sheriff's units.

When EMS crews made it to the scene, they stabilized the victim. A helicopter landed at a marked landing zone and moved to the scene as well. Once the victim was stabilized, he was carried up to the helicopter and flown to the Worland hospital for treatment.

The victim, identified as 63-year-old California resident Ron Blank, passed away in the Worland operating room from internal trauma and massive internal bleeding.

According to the release, investigators learned that Blank and his son were elk hunting. As they were headed back to their pickup and climbing up a ridge, they encountered a rock face and attempted to climb over it. As they were exchanging rifles over the rock face to climb over it, a rifle discharged and struck Blank in the upper right chest.

Blank's son rendered first aid and gave directions to first responders over the phone. He also vectored them to the area by firing handgun rounds into the air.

The incident remains under investigation through the Washakie County Sheriff's Office and Washakie County Coroner's Office.

Arrangements have been made to return Blank's remains to California.

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