It's not exactly a shocking revelation to say that Wyoming license plates have changed a lot over the years. That's especially evident when you see this sweet Wyoming license plate I found that dates back to 1917.

I located this beauty on Ebay. It is an original vintage plate that was actually used on a vehicle over 100 years ago. This one is especially rare as it has a state of Wyoming seal on it also as you can see in this pic.

pl8man406, Ebay
pl8man406, Ebay

The guy who listed this is named Will and he says this is an actual original Wyoming plate and the discoloration is because it really is over 100 years old.

This kind of vintage Wyoming automobile history doesn't come cheap. At the time that I looked at the listing, the asking price was $524.99 (plus $7.65 shipping).

As he mentions in the listing, you can't throw this on the back of your vehicle, but it would make a real conversation starter on your wall for a retro display.

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