If you have a true appreciation for Wyoming history, I have found something you need to check out. It's an original map of Wyoming from 1891 that's available on Ebay.

I have seen lots of map reprints like this, but never an original. According to the Ebay listing, this is the real deal that was originally printed in 1891. Here's how the seller describes it:

It is an authentic Antique map approximately 125 years old with original hand coloring as issued. It is from an 1891 German edition of a Rand, McNally & Co.

You have to look very close to actually find Casper. I've circled what was then Ft. Casper on the map.

c574778 via Ebay
c574778 via Ebay

If you're not up on Casper history, the WyoHistory website does a good job of chronicling how Casper was established.  According to WyoHistory, it was April 9, 1889 when the request for the incorporation of Casper was requested. That means this map was printed a couple of years after Casper became Casper.

It's a very unique piece of Wyoming history at a buy it now price of only $25 on Ebay. Check out the full listing if you think this would look epic on your wall.

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