It seems that everything that might be considered dangerous, no matter if it really is or not, comes with a warning label.

So maybe the people of Wyoming should come with a few of those stickers. That way we can always claim, "Can't say we didn't warn ya!"

Maybe some warnings like:

'Telling a Wyomingite they are not allowed to do something is seen as a challenge.'

'Just because they don't smoke doesn't mean they don't chew - watch for flying spit.'

'If'n you don't see a gun on their hip, it just means they found a clever place to conceal it.'

'Sausage and bacon is considered a breakfast salad. Don't argue the point.'

'Explaining how things are done where you come from is a one way ticket back to where you come from.'

'Wyomingites do not live out here because they are stupid. They live out here to get away from stupid. That's a hint.'

'Kind, gentle, honest persons will give you the shirt off their back, until you give them a reason not to. If that happens, be somewhere else.'

'A Wyomingite has more respect for an honest man with stupid opinions than a smart liar.'

'Proud of their home town. Proud of their state. Proud of their country.'

'When you call me that, smile.'



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