It’s draft time, and if you’re like many NFL fans in Wyoming - Denver Bronco fans - you hope General Manager John Elway gets plenty of rest, stays calm and smart all the way through Saturday.

Otherwise, if I were him I’d be pulling my hair out, I mean if I hadn’t already lost all my hair back in the ‘80s over all of Elway’s comeback wins.

We've imagined every draft scenario. Sports media members have asked every question, and I laugh more and more at how little Elway answers. I mean he gives a lot of information; just without giving up any real information. I enjoy listening to him talk about philosophies for things like the biggest needs, how to pick 'em, trading up or down, etc… It’s just that the last thing Elway will give up is his own intentions, and which philosophy that will be based on. At least we finally don't have to imagine as picks - and surprises - are revealed

We don't have to ask, with all the different philosophies there are, how they know the best one to apply for any different pick. Do most of the owners and GMs, themselves, still not even know what they’ll do?

Well, we know they won't be doing anything dump - or no dumber than any Ryan Leaf kind of pick. They’ve prepared for all kinds of scenarios. In fact, Elway said that the Broncos “draft board” was completed last Thursday. Of course, that was just a rough draft of the draft.

I’ve learned something this year about the position players on the offensive line. I thought the whole Bronco OL was the worst I’ve seen since the Dan Reeves era, and I got impatient with how we’ve not been able to improve there. Without that strong front (and a young Elway who ran for his life quite well for most of his career), neither guy named Trevor or Paxton will have time to come up for air. Bottom line – or so I thought the bottom line was – draft some killer offensive linemen!

Well, I’ve been schooled by John when he answered questions about that porous wall. Apparently, no line as a whole is one guy. They have to work together to help each other from getting beat off the ball, and if they don’t get that support, they don’t just get beat, they also get injured. Elway used the example of having drafted a very talented offensive tackle from CSU named Ty, and he did a good job the first weeks as a rookie until he got hurt, and was not back to full strength the rest of the season. John says Ty seems all healed up now, and hopefully, the rest of the line will be healthier this season.

Okay, so I was over reacting a little. I’ll just sit back and watch - with great interest -  and otherwise keep my mouth shut, trusting that John and staff know what they’re doing. From Wyoming, I’ll watch with keen interest to see if it’s Denver picking Brian Hill – if still available at the 20th pick, unless we trade up. Oh good grief, my head is spinning.