Being a huge NASCAR fan, I used to wonder how teams come up with some of their amazing paint schemes for special races. Even more, was wondering how long it took to paint those cars and not just a primary car, their back up car has to have exactly the same paint scheme on it. If you've ever watched a NASCAR race, you might have been wondering something similar yourself?

NASCAR vehicles are in fact not painted at all! They are covered with vinyl wraps, much like our My Country Van, that can be stripped and changed in a matter of hours. It is a special thing to watch as graphics artists create their schemes to display the sponsors as well as the teams race colors and then transfer it to the car body. This has to be done in time for the races each week.

Watch this incredible time lapse video of the Joe Gibbs Racing team, as they wrap the #18 Toyota Camry for Kyle Busch. This past weekend, Kyle raced with a flag scheme to to recognize those lost on Sept. 11, 2001.