Is wearing shoes in the house a do or don't?

Who would have thought that this question would cause SO much divisiveness?

I came across this video from the Rachel Ray Show where Dr. Ian Smith answers this question from a medical viewpoint.

So, in the end, it turns out that it really isn't that big of a deal to wear shoes in the house.

He does mention that if you live rurally with animals you should take off your that's about half of Wyoming.

We went to our social media sites to see what you thought, and it seems like you are split fairly down the middle...with maybe a few more leaning towards NO shoes in the house.

Ben Meyer: of course, I don't eat on the floor so its all good.

Aleca McAulay: Yuck. Ew. And no one likes wet socks because your shoes tracked snow plus I like clean hardwood‍♀️ no. If you need something on your feet, wear slippers or socks. Not your gross shoes.

Side Note: It's definitely worth looking at the comments to see the GIFs.

We even heard from you over on Instagram.

cody_vangundy: if they aren't muddy, it doesn't bother me

wild_wyoming_outdoors: Best to just leave em on the mud porch where I live lol

The next question to ask is, do you make guests follow your shoe rules?

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