We have all seen it.  A child digging deep in his/her nose for treasure, only to find said treasure and put it in their mouth.  Natural reaction is to say "STOP THAT, THAT IS GROSS!"  New research shows that maybe you shouldn't be so quick to scold.

For starters, I will agree that this is gross.  I, like most others, don't enjoy watching someone pick their nose and eat it.  Ugghhh.  Just the thought makes me slightly ill.  That being said, here is the science behind this claim.

Scott Napper, a biochemist from the University of Saskatchewan, has theorized that nasal mucus - aka boogers - has a sugary taste that's meant to entice children to pick them out of their nose and put them in their mouth.  Doing this might actually help introduce pathogens into the child's immune system that will strengthen their body's natural germ defense.  This same theory ties into child allergies.  Children raised in an environment without dirt and germs are less able to build up natural disease resistance.  Therefore, a child who is ingesting these "germs" is more likely to be able to fight them off as they age, and are less likely to become afflicted to air-born allergens.  There is a growing tendency to "pump" children with anti-biotics when they come down with anything.  Although helpful in fighting off infection, anti-biotics can be harmful to the "good germs" in the child's system, making it harder for them to fight future illnesses.  To learn more about the "benefits" of boogers click here.

*Please do not take any of the information above as advice.  I am in no way, shape, or form a doctor/physician or have any medical expertise.  I am strictly relaying information.*