Happy first day of the 2019 school year to all of our Casper families!

Hopefully, you took our advice from a few weeks ago and got your kids all ready for today.

The Casper Police Department created a wonderful post reminding us how we can keep Casper kids safe as we begin this school year.

  • Obey school zone speed limits and follow your school's drop-off procedure.
  • Never pass a bus loading or unloading children.
  • Give yourself more time to get to where you are going. There will be more street traffic and buses making frequent stops can make your commute take longer

You can read their entire list of dos and don'ts below.

Don't forget to take time to talk to your children about proper bus safety too.

  • Remind them that the bus stop is not a place to run and play, and to wait on the sidewalk or well away from the curb.
  • Teach them how to get on and off the bus safely.
  • Let your children know that they need to walk in front of the bus when crossing the street, never behind.
  • Encourage them to always look both ways when crossing the street, even if the bus stop sign is out.
  • Have a conversation with your children about appropriate bus behavior.
  • Teach your children how to get help from the bus driver if they are having trouble.

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