If you ask someone from the east side of the Wind River mountain range about the western part of Wyoming, you may not get a happy answer. You may not get an answer at all, it may just be an eye roll and tip of the hat.

The Jackson Hole area of Wyoming is know to attract celebrities, many of the countries millionaires and is a vacation destination for those that want to experience "Wyoming".

There's no doubt, no matter what your thoughts of that part of the state are, that the scenery is absolutely incredible. High mountain peaks, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, wildlife viewing, river rafting, and some of the most expensive housing in the United States.

In particular, Wilson, Wyoming, which is part of the Jackson Hole region, has many of the highest priced houses in the country. Wilson has just over 1,500 residents and has the 2nd most expensive mountain town residential real estate in the US.

Some of the residents of the area are not only millionaires, but BILLIONAIRES.

The only mountain town that beats Wilson, is Aspen, Colorado. Which of course is another location that draws in tourists, celebrities and the rich.

In Wilson, the median real estate listing is $5.5 million dollars, which according to the Wall Street Journal, is up from last year.

Does it surprise anyone, that's lived in Wyoming for more than 2 months, that an area like Jackson Hole would boast numbers that high? Probably not. Which is the very likely reason why Eastern Wyomingites feel the way they do about it.

The average real estate listing for the Wilson area is only 103 days, but there are some that may be are a little more than the average Joe can handle and stay on the market a bit longer.

Why do some stay on the market longer, you ask?

According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary of folks living in Wyoming is somewhere between $60,774.

One home in Wilson, that's been on the market for a few months and is listed for $27 Million, the property taxes for the year are $85,370.

That's a pretty good reason why the average Wyoming resident isn't throwing their hat into the ring. Now, there's enough room on the property that maybe 6 or 8 families can throw their money together and give it a go, but that's not too likely.

The property listed by Andrew Cornish of Sotheby's Realty is beautiful, has scenery better than any postcard you've ever seen and endless outdoor adventure opportunity. 53.64 acres, 11,532 living space, 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, is some of the propery details. It truly is an incredible piece of property...if you can afford it.

Take a look at what you'd get for $27 million.

A Beautiful Wilson, Wyoming Property Worth $27 Million

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