The Wyoming Highway Patrol says driver inattention may be to blame for a head-on collision that left one driver dead and the other injured.

The crash happened around 1:07 p.m. last Monday, March 11, near mile marker 239 on U.S. 30/U.S. 287, near Walcott Junction in central Carbon County.

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Wyoming Trucker Killed in Head-On Collision

According to a fatality crash summary, 58-year-old Wyoming resident Brian Detterer was behind the wheel of a westbound Peterbilt commercial combination when the driver of an oncoming Toyota Tacoma crossed the centerline and hit him.

"The Peterbilt exited the roadway through the guardrail and rolled, coming to rest on the driver's side," the summary reads.

Detterer was wearing his seat belt but died from his injuries.

The pickup driver was also reportedly injured in the crash, but the summary did not say to what extent.

The Patrol says the highway was dry and weather conditions were clear at the time the crash occurred.

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