The Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a cold winter for Wyoming in 2023-2024.

That's according to the publication's website:

Winter will be colder than usual, with the coldest periods in late November, early December, early and late January, and early and late February. Precipitation and snowfall will be above normal in the north and below normal in the south. The snowiest periods will be in mid-to late November, mid-to late January, and early February. April and May will be warmer than normal, on average, with above-normal precipitation. Summer will be hotter and drier than normal, with the hottest periods in mid-June, early July, and early and late August. On average, September and October will be warmer and slightly wetter than normal.

The almanac has a similar prediction for the upcoming winter across the country:

''Winter weather is making a comeback. After a warm winter anomaly last year, traditional cool temperatures and snowy weather conditions will return to the contiguous United States."

For what it's worth, the almanac predicted a "broiling hot" summer for an area that included Wyoming in 2023.

As KGAB noted in an article on March 11, the publication did appear to get the forecast for the winter of 2022-2023 right:

"They predicted a "glacial snow-filled winter'" for Wyoming in the season that is just now wrapping up. After winter weather that saw Cheyenne dip to the double-digit subzero range several times, including a -26 reading in December and a -20 more recently, it's hard to say they were wrong. It's also been an unusually snowy winter for much of southeast Wyoming."

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