There's a new video showing a grizzly near Jackson crossing a main road with her new cubs.

I have to admit that I didn't know Jackson came up with names for neighborhood grizzlies. According to this new share on YouTube, this bear is named Felicia.

The word is this grizzly is around 6 years old and has been collared and tagged. The video share says these cubs that are crossing the road with her are her first cubs. Whatever happened to bear privacy? Oh well.

One other thought on the video is my amazement that there are people in the background who have gotten out of their vehicle to capture video of this bear. Here's a fact: bears can run fast. Second fact: a grizzly mother with cubs is especially dangerous. According to Bear Smart, grizzlies are not normally aggressive unless provoked and tend to shy away from people. But, a sow with cubs may feel like you're threatening her young ones. That does not normally end well for non-bears.

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