When one thinks of bank robberies, typically they think of what the movies portray - a man in a ski mask, pointing a gun, and saying "give me all your money."

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Realistically, often times bank robberies are far less dramatic. But they're still just as illegal. So, too, are bank thefts. Thefts are different than robberies in that a theft is a crime in which somebody's personal property is taken without their consent. Robberies are that, but they also include accomplishing the taking by means of force or fear.

Both are very, very illegal.

The Jackson Police Department recently announced that they are investigating a theft that occurred at a local bank.

That's according to a Facebook post from the Jackson PD, which stated that "On February 15, 2023, the depicted subject entered a local First Interstate Bank and withdrew money from an account that does not belong to her."

The post stated that the owner of the account noticed an unauthorized withdrawal and notified the bank. The bank investigated the situation, and reviewed their video surveillance footage. The review yielded an image of a woman who they believe to be a suspect.

"At this time, the subject depicted here is a person of interest in the theft of $4,200.00," the Facebook post stated.

The Jackson Police Department asked that if anybody has any information regarding the identity of the suspect, they contact Cpl. Kyle Foster with the Jackson Police Department at 307-733-5148. Additionally, individuals can submit an anonymous tip via Crime Stoppers at 307-733-5148, referencing case number 2303-2501.

Information used  in the apprehension of the suspect may result in a cash reward via Crime Stoppers.

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