In a world that seemingly has gone mad, I've found a sweet innocent moment to share thanks to a Wyoming guy in his truck and a rescue dog who just wants to hold hands (or is that paws?).

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The backstory of this is almost as good as the video moment. Here's the description from the picture share on Rumble:

Lily is a rescue dog from Soda Springs, Idaho. She, along with all her siblings, were left in a box on the side of the road in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, many of them froze to death. Lily, the runt, was lucky enough to survive. She has lived a wonderful life in Jackson Hole, WY chasing squirrels and going on car rides all over the country. When Lily is riding shotgun she absolutely insists that you hold her paw or she gets anxious.

This might be the best :12 seconds of your day maybe.

Just love the heart of this owner who understands his dog gets upset easy. Considering what she went through with her siblings being left to freeze in the middle of the road, it's not surprising that she needs reassurance during a ride.

Attention world: More innocent moments like this, please.

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