Alex Wong/Getty Images

They called last winter, “the winter that wasn’t”. The question this year for meteorologists is, will it be similar this year. U.S. Agriculture Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, says last year the jet stream swept much of the cold air out to sea, but this year a high pressure system parked over the North Atlantic is holding the cooler air over the continent.

“And that could push some cold air and maybe some additional stormy weather into the eastern United States. So with the block in place, that is giving us a very different picture than what we started off with last year.”

The northern U.S. has already had some colder air and here in Wyoming we’ll have a big shift in temperatures and snow across the state over the next days. Rippey says if the blocking high pressure remains in place it will make for a very different winter for most of the country, though he notes that high pressure systems can be very unpredictable.