Seemingly, Kellie Pickler has it all--great looks, a golden voice, loads of talent, and establishment in arguably the best genre of music that's ever existed.

What more could she want?  What about a clear direction, or as she herself describes it, "her place."  Kellie recently sat down with the Minneapolis Star Tribune and had this to say.

"The past couple of years that I've been in Nashville since I signed my record deal, I've struggled to figure out where my place is.  There's a lot more to Kellie Pickler than the first two albums let you in on." 

In a world where mainstream country music employs crossover artists and where the definitions have greatly changed over the years, Kellie is looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

"I know what I love, but how can I do that with today's styles?  I want to go in and cut the most country, backwoods--some dirty country music.  But I've got a lot of people to answer to, and I've got to make certain people happy because you have companies investing a lot of money into you.  I'm patient, and I'm paying my dues."