If you watched Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have noticed a brief reference to Laramie, Wyoming.

Steve Carell hosted the show Saturday night and had a skit where he was a Space Shuttle Commander who was having...ahem...issues. Around the 1:26 mark, there was a reference to someone asking a question from Laramie, Wyoming. That led to this exchange:

  • "This is Hailey, like the comet and like Eminem's daugher...how big is the space station?"
  • Steve Carell - "Great question. It's about 32,000 square feet..." (then a frozen animal floats by)

Not exactly an earth-stopping mention of Laramie that will rip the fabric of time and space, but it is a prime-time TV mention just the same.

This did not go unnoticed on Reddit. One person commented that this is now proof that Wyoming does indeed exist, despite what some conspiracy theorists claim. Well played, Reddit.

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