We've started a petition to bring Garth Brooks and Ned LeDoux to Cheyenne Frontier Days. Help us make this happen.

Garth recently said that he'd love to come back to Cheyenne for the 125th anniversary of Cheyenne Frontier Days. He said that he can't invite himself, but would love to have a belt buckle with that logo on it. We've decided that we'd like to try and make this happen.

We've started an official petition at Change.org for Garth Brooks being brought back to Cheyenne Frontier Days. Please join us in what would certainly be a historic Wyoming country music event. Seriously. Sign this and let's make the thunder roll (see what we did there?) and let Cheyenne Frontier Days know we want this to be a thing.

One more thing. We want Ned LeDoux to join Garth so they can perform this song together on the Cheyenne Frontier Days stage.

This sound good to you? Whatcha waiting for? Sign our petition and we'll let Cheyenne Frontier Days know that this needs to happen.

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