I asked you a hypothetical question about what you've never done in Wyoming even if you've lived here most of your life. Your responses were insightful and sometimes very funny.

This question sparked a huge conversation on Facebook that led to a multitude of comments.

Here are some highlights from those comments:

Katty Gross - I've lived here for 16 years, I've been all over the state, except, I'd love to sit in a ski lodge at Teton Pass, have a hot toddy and watch the skiers and the snow. I can't ski, I slide on the snow on my butt. LOL

Toni Pompura - Born and raised in Wyoming, 41 years, and I've never been to Yellowstone. Would like to see the sights but don't want to put up with the people! So I'll stay with the places only us natives know!

Cindy Johnson - I've lived in Wyoming for 42 years and I've been all over the state but I've never skied or rode on a snowmobile.

Cheryl Alexander Wilson - I've lived here over 17 years and have never actually been to Independence Rock...

Pete Halverson - 42 years and have never been to Devils Tower

Many mentioned having never been to Cheyenne Frontier Days or Devil's Tower. Others surprisingly have never been to Yellowstone National Park. I completely understand how this sometimes happen. I used to live in Colorado Springs, but never went up Pike's Peak. (*hangs head in shame*)

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