Full disclosure: this is probably not really singing, but it is a bear who is putting on a pretty great vocal show from a tree.

I first saw this on ABC 7 NY. It's a video that was shared today by Yosemite National Park on Twitter. Make sure your sound is turned up so you can hear this bear go to town.

ABC 7 NY reported that the park rangers know the bear and he's healthy and doesn't appear to be sick or injured. Bears do make sounds as they react to certain situations. I've seen many a video where a bear is making a gruff sound when charging, but this vocal bear tone is a new one for me.

The North American Bear Center has a helpful guide to what sounds bears make and why. To my ears, the bear this sound is making seems like it matches the very scared sample. Who knows? Maybe the bear up in the tree is afraid of heights. For bears, that would be a new one, but it is 2020 after all so anything is possible.

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