In the late '90s, Bruce Knell and his band "8 Second Ride" traveled the country opening for major acts like Brooks and Dunn.

After learning his son had cancer, Bruce left the road and focused on his family. His son is thankfully healthy now and for the last few years, Bruce and his band have been back on the road touring.

When not on the road Bruce has been active with his role on our City Council.

Just a few months ago tragedy struck when Bruce and his wife Stacy were flying from Casper to St. George, Utah for a golf tournament, when Knell’s Lancair plane lost power over a field one mile from the St. George Regional Airport.

Bruce and his wife spent weeks in the hospital and have had multiple surgeries, but are at last on the mend.

And, Bruce and his band "8 Second Ride" have plans to tour again this Summer.

To celebrate getting back to making music and playing for their fans, they've released a brand new video for their song "American".

The song covers topics that are on the minds of many right now, with a strong message of patriotism.

I spent the morning with my grandson,
I saw the future in his eyes.
A shining light on the horizon,
I know this country will get by.

You can listen to it below.

If you'd like to catch Bruce and "8 Second Ride" in person they've announced an upcoming concert on their Facebook page.

Follow them on social media for updates on more upcoming performances.

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