A music artist's life involves long days on the road, long hours setting up equipment for the next show, sound check and performing, tearing down equipment and then back on the road to the next town and venue.  Artists are constantly trying to sneak in a little time to stop and enjoy life, but that can be difficult to say the least for especially while on the road. But between shows, many artists have figured out how to mix in a little fun to help break up the same old routine.

Luke Bryan is a big lover of the outdoor life, taking every opportunity to get in a quick hunting or fishing trip.  Over the weekend Luke Bryan finished up his shows in Salt Lake City and hopped on board a chartered private jet and flew to Casper, WY to sneak in a quick fishing trip on the North Platte with the Reef Fly shop.

Following the day on the water, Luke was back on board the plane and on his way to San Francisco for his show there on Saturday night.

Luke Bryan, Twitter
Luke Bryan, Twitter

Country music fans in Wyoming are all hoping Luke will make another trip to our great state for some more outdoor fun, maybe next time it will come with a concert in Wyoming as well.  Until then we wish Luke the utmost success both on stage and in the great outdoors both hunting and fishing!

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