It's like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears...but instead of Goldilocks crashing the Bear's house, it's the Bears doing the crashing.

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Holden lives in Sierre Madre, California, and has had many encounters with bears.

He stated in this Newsweek article that often has Bears going through his trash and wandering through his property.

You can tell by his calm voice in the video as he asks the Bears to remove themselves from his property, that he knew that Black Bears are generally easily scared away by loud noises.

What Holden didn't expect was the open door that he saw when he went around the corner...or the Bear that was inside his home.

Holden said it was obvious that it was his leftover KFC that proved to be a temptation.

And after you watch the video you will see for yourself that the Bear was definitely fascinated with the Fried Chicken, he doesn't seem to care one bit that it's not fresh.

I think it's hilarious that the Bear is curled up on the counter eating the chicken, rather than sitting on the floor or standing on its hind legs.

You can see by the mess in the kitchen that the Bear did a little bit of searching before he settled on the KFC as his meal of choice.

Much like Goldilocks, it seems like he had to take some time before he found the meal that was "just right".

Thankfully Holden was able to eventually get the Bears out of his home and off his property by making more loud noises. And despite having a bit of clean-up to do, no major damage was done.

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