Well, he briefly got out of a traffic ticket, and then he got charged with another crime.

Jonathan Rorech of North Carolina thought he was pretty clever when he was pulled over for speeding in Florida.  To avoid the extra hassle that would come with having a suspended, out-of-state drivers license, Jonathan phoned 911 and reported that a shooting with "one subject on the ground" had occurred on the street he had just come from. 

The officer on the scene let Rorech go, to attend to the bigger priority.  When he got to the supposed scene, the brass told him that there had been no shooting and nobody injured.

Suspecting he'd been duped, the officer found out that the call came from a cell phone with a North Carolina area code.  He phoned the number, got voicemail, and recognized the voice leaving the message, as Rorech.

The deputy drove to Rorech's residence and waited for him to return home. Rorech pulled his car into the parking lot outside his apartment around 2:25 a.m. and the deputy arrested him.

A search of Rorech's vehicle turned up a cell phone in the center console. The phone's battery had been removed. The deputy put the battery in the phone. A sheriff's dispatcher then called the phone number that the 911 call was made from. Rorech's phone rang.

Further investigation revealed Rorech's driver's license was suspended out of North Carolina.

Rorech was also charged with two misdemeanor counts of driving on a suspended license - one for the initial traffic stop and the other for driving home, reports said.

Thanks to naplesnews.com for sharing the story.  Bet his Mom's proud.  We'd love to hear what you think about this guy.