When I woke up on Saturday morning I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive!  Except that instead of presents, I was anticipating the huge party at the Beacon Club to kick off the premiere of the new "Crown Royal Maple" - and the Maple Syrup Wrestling - featuring the A'Salt Creek Roller Girls!!

Have you ever had one of those ideas and thought, "There is no way, that's just too crazy?"  Well that's what I was thinking when I pitched maple syrup wrestling as an idea for the Premiere party.  I really thought it would bring a laugh or two and was not expecting - "Heck ya!  Let's do it!"  And it was on!

Crown Royal brought and sold two cases of their brand new Crown Royal Maple to a packed Beacon Club as we raised a little money for the A'Salt Creek Roller derby team.  The girls agreed to wrestling in the goo as a fund raising event for their team.  Between auctioning off an opportunity to help the girls in their corners and our 50/50 raffle, the A'Salt Creek Roller Girls raised over $1000.

Check out some of the photos (below) taken by folks in attendance as well as a short video of some of the action.

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