Hey pards!  You should know I usually try to avoid bringing my loved ones and those closest to me into my posts and blogs.  This avoids embarrassment and resentment, and Lord knows I don't need another night banished to the sofa.

That said, it's a slow news day, so they'll just have to forgive me.  Meet my felines--Wooter(ginger), Finner(b&w), and Sophie (ginger+b&w+gray=Calico).

They did something really cool the other day.  They got their first whiff of catnip--and it was HILARIOUS!  Normally I'm against giving a cat drugs, but not anymore!

If I had been thinking straight, I would have gotten some video of this particular incident.  But since I rarely think, you'll have to make due with the few snaps I clicked off with my trusty 1972 cell phone.  They hardly do the moment justice, because these cats were crazy--crazy like I've never, ever seem them before!

Let me set the scene.

Honey-pie is tired of the little meow-ers scratching up her furniture with their claws, which seem to grow about an inch a day.  So in a vain effort, she brings in the latest high-tech cat attractor.

It's not a scratching post, but a scratching board that is a much harder surface than the fine upholstery they're accustomed to.  I'm sure you've seen them.  They're these arced, brown plastic rectangles , complete with a little feathery boa thingy on a plastic stick to keep the pets amused--and they have catnip...a little baggy of the stuff.  To the unsuspecting eye it looks like something you scored from the guy in the alley.  Apparently it triggers some of the same reactions in the kitties because I've been around these guys a long time and I've never seen them go off like this before.  Score!

Wooter, who rarely gets worked up over anything, fell onto the floor in delirium after only a brief smell.  I could tell he was hooked.  And we had only removed the cellophane from the thing at this point.

Once placed on the floor for their pleasure, it soon became evident that they weren't interested in scratching on the damn thing at all.  No, they were gyrating all over and trying to get their heads up underneath the board where the packaged catnip had been stored.  The little one seemed to be as intrigued by her big brothers' strange new behavior as with anything else.

After carefully following the instructions, I sprinkled an ample portion of 'nip on the board. (being sure to "include the corners").  What followed was more delirium, angst, serendipity, and ill-will.  Cat fight!  These beasts were finally worthy of all of the feeding and litterbox duty that they've put me through.  Good times!

A day later,  I actually had to scold Finner for scratching up the carpet right next to this wonderful invention.  Next up...finding a good 12 step cat program.  I'll let you know how it goes.