Hersha Howard wasn't in the mood when she discovered some of her Girl Scout cookies missing, according to the NY Daily News.

When she couldn't satisfy her "munchies," the 400 pound woman launched into a 1 a.m. tirade against her roomate, Jasmin Wanke, over "missing Thin Mints," Jasmin told authorities.

Unsatisfied with verbal confrontation, Howard resorted to jumping on the victim and punching her in the face.  She was restrained temporarily by her husband, but the fight would soon escalate into scissors-chasing, board-whacking, and breast-biting.

The husband would once again get them separated until police arrived.  Howard was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.  Probably take a lot of dough to bail her out.  You can read the full account, here.

You know what they say:  "When the chocolate chips are down..."