Internet, you had just one job. You put together a road trip covering the most historical parts of Wyoming and completely overlooked Casper. Thanks.

The blame for this one goes to the usually awesome Only In Your State. They normally do a good job capturing unique parts of Wyoming. Not this time. Their "Unforgettable Historical Sites in All of Wyoming" does not include one single Casper landmark.

How could you possibly overlook the National Historic Trails Center? It even has the word "historic" in the name. What about the Fort Caspar Museum? That was way back before we even spelled Casper correct so it must be historic.

PRO TIP for Only In Your State: A little thing called The Oregon Trail went through Casper. You might want to look that up. It's kinda famous.

Is this important in the whole scheme of things? No. Nobody was injured because the internet forgot about Casper. But, it's irritating that we tend to get overlooked when the Cheyennes of the world get frequent notice.

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