Sex!  It makes the world go round.  So when it comes to astronomical events, are you the type of person who will gravitate towards a sexual encounter?

With the Solar Eclipse making a direct path across the cowboy state we were wondering, how many people will try to hook up or plan a sexual encounter during the solar event?

The results were close and interesting to say the least!

28% of people taking our survey said that 'Yes, I am planning on Sex during the Solar Eclipse'.

35% said that 'No, I will not be having sex during the Solar Eclipse'

and 36% of people responded 'I'd like to have sex during the Solar Eclipse'.

I guess we'll have to follow up on this one to see how many people actually follow through on this once the Solar Eclipse actually gets here on Monday, August 21st.

There is still time to let us know your plans, just answer our poll question below and let us know.


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