Sex!  It makes the world go round.  So when it comes to astronomical events, are you the type of person who will gravitate towards a sexual encounter?

With the Solar Eclipse making a direct path across the cowboy state we were wondering, how many people will try to hook up or plan a sexual encounter during the solar event?

Did you know there are what people who are referred to as 'Shadow Chasers'?  They are people who are addicted to the shadow experience surrounding a Solar Eclipse and seek them out at every opportunity.  It's true!  Many of these people meet up at various locations around the planet when a solar eclipse is taking place.

Some experts suggest that having sexually pleasurable relations during a Solar Eclipse or during the time of the "shadows", could create an addition to the sensation.

On the flip side of that, in the dark ages many people believed that having sex during a Solar Eclipse would result in a child that was filled with demons!  So many communities put a ban on sexual relations during any eclipse.

With the possibility of becoming addicted to "Shadow" sex or having a demon child, are you planning or hoping to have sex during the Solar Ellipse 2017?  Take our poll and well publish the results next week.

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